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The St. Petersburg Times printed an article from the Associated Press on October 3, 2007 (excerpts below):

In a one year period, Federal employees wasted over $140,000,000 on business- or first-class airline tickets, breaking the rules in some cases simply because they felt entitled, according to congressional investigators.

A political appointee at the Pentagon took fifteen premium-class flights and cited a medical condition as justification. However, the only evidence was a note signed by a fellow Pentagon employee, not a physician.

Comment: this is what they found; the number is probably higher.

There are always too many Democratic Congressmen, too many Republican Congressman and never enough United States Congressmen
– Author Unknown

Published in Reason Magazine, December 2007:

“But even with those new disclosure requirements, earmarks are as popular as ever with 6,500 earmarks totaling almost $11,000,000,000 in this cycle. Apparently every Congressman knows exactly how much his colleagues have managed to score for their home districts, that just makes the competition fiercer… This season’s more egregious earmarks include $100,000 for a prison museum in Kansas and $250,000 for a “wine and culinary center in Washington state.”

Comment - while wasting money for projects such as these and hundreds of others like them is bad enough, think about the time that is wasted scrambling for funding. This is time that your elected representatives are not spending on reducing the deficit, getting out of foreign entanglements, solving the health care crisis, etc., etc., etc.                 


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