Farmers in the dell… and in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Published in Reason Magazine, December, 2007:

“ The decades old benefit concert called Farm Aid came to New York City for the first time ever in September. And fittingly so: Willie Nelson’s crusade to save the family farm has never been so relevant to Park Avenue. In the map below (not included), the red dots represent Manhattan residents raking in federal agricultural subsidies. The larger dots represent those collecting the largest payments, including such struggling agrarians as Mark and David Rockefeller.

The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization that works to reduce environmentally harmful subsidies, estimates that between 2003 and 2005, $9.4 billion in taxpayer-funded crop subsidies went to individuals who claimed them through “partnerships, joint ventures, corporations, or other business entities.” Payments to New York City residents totaled $4.2 million during the same period. That’s a tiny slice of the subsidy pie, but it’s indicative of the level of waste and fraud in the system.”

Comment - maybe Scotty Pippen should move his farming operation to New York City to increase his take in the subsidy pie.

Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress… but I repeat myself – Mark Twain

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, as reported in The Week Magazine in its October 17, 2008 edition, 59 percent of Americans say they would vote to replace the entire United States Congress rather than vote to keep it intact. Only 23 percent of the respondents say they have any confidence that Congress has the ability to fix the current economic problems facing the country.

Comment – perhaps the country is finally realizing that the current members of the political class are incapable or unwilling to make the difficult and complicated decisions to get the country back on track.This is time that your elected representatives are not spending on reducing the deficit, getting out of foreign entanglements, solving the health care crisis, etc., etc., etc.