More Political Class Insanity – Government Spending

All levels of government often spend insane amounts of money on seemingly stupid bills, act and efforts. Up until now, ordinary taxpayers have not been able to comment on this insanity. However, below are some examples of these types of programs. Please review each program/expenditure and then vote on whether you feel this was a good use of your taxpayer dollars. Afterwards, you can hit the see results button and see how your fellow taxpayers feel about the same program. Please check back often, new acts of wasteful spending occur on almost a daily basis and will be added to the list as they arise.



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Federal Expenditures

Was this a good use of taxpayer money? Yes No

Considered the following information that was published in The Week Magazine, April 25, 2008, which detailed some recent Federal government programs:

1. $500,000 for a “Teapot Museum” in North Carolina.

2. $3,000,000 to the First Tee Organization whose mission is to “promote character development and life enhancing values through the game of golf.”

3. $500,000 to buy 21 train cabooses to be repurposed for a “caboose motel” in Titusville, Pennsylvania.

4. $150,000 to fix plumbing in Bronx, New York Italian restaurants.

Consider the following information which was published by Martin Gross in his book, “The Government Racket 2000,”Click Here to purchase on Amazon, which detailed a numb er of Federal programs from the turn of the century:

5. $5,600,000 to fix the Anaheim Angels (a major league baseball team and a privately owned and operated company) scoreboard after an earthquake.

6. $5,000,000 to build a new Parliament building in the Solomon Islands, a part of the British Commonwealth.

7. $1,500,000 for a federal study of parking at truck stops.

8. Over $200,000 for a cat and dog census in a California county.

9. $445,000 for a Hudson River scenic overlook from Route 9 to the waterfront in Poughkeepsie, New York.

10. $77,826 for the study, “Coping With Change in Czachoslovakia.”

11. $125,000 to compile a “Simo-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus.”

12. $400,000 to study the “The Expressive Culture of the San Blas Islands” in Panama.

13. A $1,000,000 Utah study on how to cross the street.

Consider the following information that was published in Parade Magazine's Intelligence Report throughout 2008 which detailed some additional recent Federal government programs:

14. $250,000 for research to cut asparagus industry labor costs.

15. $200,000 to Ocean Spray to market white cranberry juice in Great Britain.

16. $2,000,000 to construct a parking facility at the University of Incarnate World, a Catholic institution in San Antonio despite adequate existing parking facilities.

17. $70,000 for a Paper Industry Hall of Fame in Wisconsin.

18. $26,000,000 to operate the selective Service even though there has not been any military draft since 1973.

19. $519,000,000 in farm subsidies in the 1995 - 2003 period, to Riceland Foods in Arkansas. Riceland receives more Federal money in a typical year than all the farmers in 12 other states combined.

20. $300,000 for a feasibility study for the world’s first fully enclosed motor speedway in Ohio.

21. $150,000 to the Grammy Foundation to support Grammy Camp where 60 students learn the music business.

22. $775,000 to the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida - part of a project to provide economic opportunity in areas of low or moderate income. However, Coral Gables’ per capita income is almost 20 percent above the national average.

23. $213,000 for olive fruit fly research in France.

24. $1,900,000 for the Center For Grape Genetics in New York.

25. $2,500,000 for fish waste research in Alaska.

26. $1,200,000 for cormorant control in several states (cormorants are birds - this is one example where you honestly say your taxpayer money is “for the birds”, “flying the coop”, etc.).

2010 Federal budget

27. $750,000 for the World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa.

28. $350,000 for the Museum Of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia.

29. $250,000 for a bike path between Lexington and Port Sanilax, Michigan

30. $350,000 to widen Bristol Street in Santa Ana, California

31. $1.8 million to renovate the Historical Fort Hamilton Community Club in the New York City area.

32. $18.9 million for a center at the University of Massachusetts "dedicated to educating the general public, students, teachers, new Senators and Senate staff about the role and importance of the Senate."

33. $200,000 for the Arkansas Commercial Driver Training Institute.

34. $150,000 for education programs and exhibitions at the Washington DC National Building Museum.

35. $134,000 for the Montana World Trade Center.

36. $100,000 for the Myrtle Beach International Trade and Conference Center.

37. $500,000 for exhibits at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa.

38. $150,000 for exhibits and interactive displays at the Teddy Roosevelt Inaugural Site Foundation.

39. $250,000 for construction of the Monroe County Farmer's Market in Kentucky.

40. $250,000 to renovate the Murphy Theater in Ohio.

41. $194,000 for restoration of the Slater Mill in Rhode Island.

42. $150,000 to renovate the Pregone Theater in the Bronx.

43. $100,000 to build the Santa Ana River Trail in California.